Luxury Product HAND MADE

All products (belts, wallets, shoes) are made with precious materials and handmade.

A HAND MADE that characterizes the product for its uniqueness and any apparent imperfections are not manufacturing defects but a guarantee of authenticity.

ANTONIO VARISCO MILANO is synonymous with Luxury Product also for the search for the best experts in craftsmanship in Italy, the best materials, natural and hypoallergenic, with great attention to ethical and supportive trade.

We want to enhance the manual and human work, the knowledge, skills and uniqueness of our Italian territory also spreading the values ​​of sustainability, using manufacturing methods that respect the environment.

We turn to people who recognize the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and share the same passion for manual work, where every single product becomes a unique and exclusive piece, a masterpiece! signed Antonio Varisco


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