The pursuit of perfection, quality and exclusivity, careful attention to detail, harmonious elegance and practicality are my Philosophy.

Antonio Varisco

ANTONIO VARISCO MILANO is an entrepreneurial challenge based on organization, professionalism and competence. The goal is to always reach new goals, which look to the future.


Studies in marketing and public relations are the basis of Antonio Varisco’s training and have allowed him to know and experience different markets. He gained his commercial experience in local companies, where he learned the attention to territoriality and the importance of MADE IN ITALY, and multinational companies, where he perfected his organizational and planning, experimenting with operations in the global market.

The creation of your own brand is the result of Antonio Varisco’s creativity, his strong desire for independence and to respond to market demands by leaving his own personal mark.

Perfume is the core business of the ANTONIO VARISCO MILANO company, identified not as a simple fragrance but as something broader, an integral part and companion of the day, ageless and limitless, so personal but at the same time global, an expression of oneself, of all that one is and that one wants to transmit to the world.

But not just perfumes, the goal is to create a total look, exclusive handcrafted products, real masterpieces by Antonio Varisco.

The creations are the result of long years of projects, studies and use of the best raw materials, in close collaboration with the best Italian noses, to achieve the perfect visual, olfactory, chromatic and graphic balance.

Designed to give you a complete and unique sensory experience that also enhances the touch thanks to precious “soft touch” materials with the velvet packaging.


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